About Us

At Eternal Vape, our primary focus in the early stages was solely focused on researching the vaping market and identifying what the consumer wants. From speaking to family, friends and colleagues we knew there was a gap in the market and the feedback we received further supported their thoughts. A large majority of people transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping felt hugely overwhelmed by the extensive choice of devices and e-liquids available which made it a very stressful and confusing task deciding which one best suited their needs.

As a result, Eternal Vape was established with the primary goal being to provide a website offering only the current bestsellers on the market thereby limiting choices and avoiding difficult decisions.  Each category of vaping device has been explained in detail so whether you are looking for a kit to help you transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping for the first time or an experienced vaper looking for a device with advanced and extensive features then we are here to help make your journey as simple and enjoyable as possible!