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Types of Vaping Device

Choosing what kind of vaping device you need shouldn’t be an awkward or stressful decision. You should be able to select the most suitable device – whether you are new to vaping, an experienced vaper or anything in between.  It bears noting here that several devices are suitable for a variety of vapers. That distinction really depends on what you want from vaping and what coils you use, for example. Because of this, some devices will appear in more than one category as they may work for both a new... Read More


Why does my vape taste burnt?

For some people, vaping isn’t all about getting a replacement for the throat hit experienced by smoking real cigarettes. Vaping is undertaken by many people for many different reasons – from the enjoyment of vape art to different tasting e-liquids. Those interested in vape taste may be most receptive to a common but wholly-unwelcome occurrence… a burnt taste. If you seem to be asking ‘why does my vape taste burnt’ frequently, you may be questioning whether you’ve done something wrong. You may just have experienced a noticeable alteration in taste.... Read More


How to Stop My Tank Leaking

What is a tank? On vape devices, the tank is a fairly crucial part. The process of vaporisation, from which vape gets its name, occurs in the tank. This part of the vape device houses both the coil and the e-liquid and is also where the two make contact via the wick. Tanks appear differently across particular vaping devices, but their function is the same.  Because of the movement of liquid through different parts of your vaping device, the tank can suffer from build-up and requires a little bit of... Read More


What is the best vape to buy?

With so many vaping devices available on the market, it can seem very overwhelming to those trying to quit smoking and transition over to vaping. However, there is something to suit every vaper level, so choosing the best device is key if you want to be successful in your vaping journey. After all, a bad experience might be enough to put you off and cause you to revert back to smoking. Stick with us for some brief pointers on how to choose the best vape device. Table of Contents  The... Read More


How to Prime a Vape Coil

Vape coils are one of the most hardworking parts of a vape device. As long as you’re vaping, a coil is toiling away, turning liquid into gas. When you’re not, they are susceptible to build-ups of e-liquid and clogs. Due to a combination of build-up and constant use, coils need changing quite a bit – depending on how frequent a vaper you are.  When you do get around to changing your coil, it will need a bit of preparation. We call this process ‘priming’. Further to this, it isn’t only... Read More


What are Vape Coils?

The Coil, which can also be called the atomiser is a vital and intrinsic part of the vaping process. It is the heating element of your vape kit that heats up the e-liquid and allows you to vape. The vape coil really is the beating heartbeat of the device and is normally housed inside the vape tank or pod. The atomiser consists of a coiled piece of wire which heats up and some wicking material which is normally cotton (but can be other materials). This wicking material soaks up the... Read More


What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vaping requires a device that uses a large coil with a resistance of less than 1.0ohm on a battery that can produce a high wattage. This lower resistance results in the coil heating up faster and consequently producing huge clouds of vapour with an intense and satisfying flavour. Sub-ohming is great for those vapers branching out into the cloud chasing world of vaping! If you are looking for billowing clouds, intense flavour and lower nicotine levels sub-ohm vaping could be for you! Important Components for Sub-Ohm Vaping There are 3 very important elements... Read More


How To Choose E-Liquid

Buying your first e-liquid for your vape kit can be slightly overwhelming with so many flavours and options available. This guide will explain some of the terminology and answer some of the most commonly asked questions. What do E-Liquids Contain? There are 4 basic ingredients that make up e-liquids and each plays an important part in your vaping experience. 1.     Nicotine (optional) 2.     Flavouring 3.     Vegetable Glycerine (VG) 4.     Propylene Glycol (PG)   What is PG? PG is also known as propylene glycol and is slightly thicker in consistency than water.... Read More


What Are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts are a recent development in the vaping world and are particularly beneficial for new vapers transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Prior to the release of these, e-liquids containing freebase nicotine were the only option available which can provide a harsher throat hit which may not be so pleasant for those new to vaping. Getting the strength correct is critical with the most important goal being to keep away from cigarettes. It must be high enough to satisfy your cravings and ensure you don’t slip back into your... Read More


What are Short fills?

Since TPD came into effect in May 2016, e-liquids containing nicotine could only be sold in 10ml bottles so this led to the development of the short fills. There was no limitation on the size of the bottle as long as the e-liquid didn’t contain nicotine. This enabled vaping companies to produce these nicotine free vape juices in a bigger bottle, allowing vapers to add their nicotine shot to achieve their ideal nicotine hit for their perfect vape.  Short fills are a nicotine free e-liquid that come in a larger... Read More