A Guide to Drip Tips for Vapers

What are drip tips, and do I need one?

A common question, and something that’s very easy to trip up on. If you aren’t sure what a drip tip is, don’t worry because you’re certainly not alone.

The basic answer to “what is a drip tip?” is the mouthpiece. So, yes you do need one, and for most vapers that will already be installed on the vape when you purchase a vape kit, especially if you buy a disposable vape pen.

However, for those of you who like to customise your vaping experience, changing out your drip tip is a quick way to get some personalisation in your vape and the feel of vaping. There are lots of materials available for drip tips, as well as colours and styles, so they can really speak to your personality.

Vape tip

What are Drip tips?

Okay, so drip tips are mouthpieces that are interchangeable on vape devices. They attach to the atomiser of your vape, and they allow the user to breathe in the vapour your vape produces. There are two main types of drip tips, the 810 and the 510.

What’s the difference between the 510 drip tip and the 810 drip tip?

Size. Any 510 drip tip will be the same diameter as other 510s, and any 810 drip tip is going to be the same diameter of another 810 drip tip. Generally, 810 drip tips are most suited for sub-Ohm devices and vaping, as the increased area allows for greater airflow and vapour release.

A 510 drip tip will be 8.5mm wide, whereas an 810 drip tip will be around 12.5mm wide. Today, most 510 tips are found on MTL (mouth-to-lung) vape pens, but originally would have been found on almost all vapes. 810 drip tips have become the defacto standard for sub-Ohm vaping.

Because drip tips tend to be held in place by friction alone, a good seal is mandatory for a great vaping experience. This is made simpler by the drip tips having rubber O-ring seals on the attached end, which keeps them in place and provides an airtight seal. Some drip tips may screw in with a threaded tip, but the majority are using O-rings.

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What are drip tips made out of?

Drip tips can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, glass, plastic or wood. Each material used in the construction of the drip tip will change the characteristics of the mouthpiece, and therefore the vaping experience.

Stainless steel drip tips

A stainless steel tip will be easier to match and find replacements for, as it’s a very common drip tip material, particularly for beginner vape kits. They are easy to keep clean, and the stainless steel works well. On the downside, stainless steel is heat conductive and feels uncomfortable touching your teeth.

Because sub-Ohm vaping takes a lot of power to achieve, the heat from the vapourisation can make your drip tip very hot.

Glass drip tips

Glass is a great material for drip tips, as they’re heat resistant and stain proof. However, if you’re the kind of person that takes their vaping outside often, there’s a greater chance of breaking glass than, say, stainless steel. Glass also has visible condensation when in use.

Wooden drip tips

Wood is an interesting material for drip tips, it’s certainly unique, and wooden tips often look fantastic because of the natural grain of the wood being visible. Wood is also an excellent heat resistor, so will typically stay cool.

Some cons of a wood drip tip are that e-liquid can remain on wood and stain it, and some people say that wood feels odd on teeth as you use it, as well.

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Plastic & Resin drip tips

We’ve gathered plastic and resin tips together because they’re quite similar in functionality. These materials are heat resistant, shockproof, and stain-resistant. Plastic is quite common as a mouthpiece material and will be easy to match if you would like spares or replacement drip tips. One downside is that plastic and resin can crack, causing leaks.

Other materials

There are other materials that some companies make drop tips out of, but these are the more popular ones that you’re likely to find.

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