How To Choose E-Liquid

Buying your first e-liquid for your vape kit can be slightly overwhelming with so many flavours and options available. This guide will explain some of the terminology and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

What do E-Liquids Contain?

There are 4 basic ingredients that make up e-liquids and each plays an important part in your vaping experience.

1.     Nicotine (optional)

2.     Flavouring

3.     Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

4.     Propylene Glycol (PG)  

What is PG?

PG is also known as propylene glycol and is slightly thicker in consistency than water. It is a colourless and almost odourless liquid with a high boiling point which therefore requires the coil to reach a high temperature in order to produce vapour. The vapour density produced is very comparable to that produced by a cigarette. The role of PG is to carry the flavours and nicotine and to provide the best possible throat hit for your vaping experience. Therefore e-liquids containing high levels of PG will give a much more obvious throat hit making these the best choice for those wanting to replicate “as best as possible” the sensation of smoking. However, the higher the level of PG, the harsher the throat hit will be. As PG is almost tasteless, the flavours within the e-liquids really come to life. 

What is VG?

VG is also known as vegetable glycerine and is a thicker consistency than PG. It is responsible for producing most of the vapour and adds a slight sweetness to the flavour of the e-liquid. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the level VG the bigger and denser the vapour cloud will be. This will also result in a slightly sweeter taste coming through. An e-liquid containing only PG would be too harsh on the throat so the VG helps to balance it out.


There is an endless choice of e-liquid flavours available on the market ranging from delicious dessert or fruit blends through to cooling menthol flavours. This allows vapers to personalise their vaping experience and enjoy any taste combination their heart desires!


This is the final optional and addictive ingredient thrown into the e-liquid mix that is also found in cigarettes. For the majority of people making the jump from smoking cigarettes to vaping, they will opt for an e-liquid containing nicotine of their preferred strength. However, some people just enjoy the experience of vaping and don’t need any nicotine added. 

Which Nicotine Strength Should I Buy?

  • Social Smokers – 3mg is ideal for social smokers who only smoke a couple of times a week and perfect for the final stage of quitting smoking once you have reduced your cigarette intake to almost nothing. 0mg is also an option for people who no longer require a nicotine hit but just enjoy the experience of vaping.
  • Light Smokers – 6mg is ideal for anyone who smokes less than 10 cigarettes per day.
  • Average Smokers – 12mg is the recommended nicotine strength for people who smoke up to a packet of cigarettes per day.
  • Heavy Smokers – 18mg is suitable for anyone who smokes more than a packet of cigarettes per day and therefore require a higher nicotine hit. They could even opt for as high as 24mg.

Selecting the correct nicotine strength is crucial to successfully transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping, If you choose too low a nicotine strength you may not satisfy your nicotine cravings sufficiently which could result in you reverting back to smoking cigarettes. However, if you opt for too high a nicotine strength you could end up with a nic headache.

What E-Liquid Flavour Should I Choose?

With so may brands and flavours available, this decision is purely based on personal preference with the option to chop and change as often as you like. For people looking to replicate the experience of smoking a cigarette, tobacco and menthol blends would be a good starting point. However, many vapers begin their vaping journey with a fruit or dessert blend instead. The options are endless allowing you to try as many options as you like until you find the flavour you enjoy most and most importantly something that will satisfy your tastebuds more than the flavour of smoking so as to prevent you picking up a cigarette again. As you become more experienced you can even dabble in blending a selection of e-liquids to create your own vape juice!

As there are so many modestly priced 10ml e-liquid bottles available you can buy a selection of vape juices to find the ones you like best. You then have the option to buy a larger 50ml short fill bottle in your preferred flavour which allows you to add a nic shot in your ideal strength, thereby saving money,

Which VG/PG Blend Should I Choose?

The role of PG is to deliver the flavours and nicotine with the best possible throat hit for your vaping experience. On the other hand VG s responsible for producing the clouds of vapour and adds a slight sweetness to the flavour of the e-liquid. Therefore choosing the ideal VG/PG blend boils down to the type of kit you are using and the vaping experience you are hoping for.

If you are looking for a more obvious throat hit, intense flavours and less clouds, a 50:50 blend would be your best choice. These e-liquids work best with standard vape kits that use a coil resistance of 1.0 ohm or more.

However, if your goal is to produce large vapour clouds with a gentler throat hit and slightly less flavour, you ideally need to choose an e-liquid with a high VG content (anything above 70VG/30PG) Due to the thickness of VG, it is harder to vaporise and therefore requires a more powerful vape device using a coil resistance of less than 1.0 ohm. This is also known as sub-ohm vaping.

Which Vape Kit Works Best with The Nicotine Strength and VG/PG ratio I need?

The VG/PG ratio determines the nicotine strength you require. 50/50 blends are ideal for those new to vaping using either a pod or vape pen starter kit. These devices are easy to use and allow you to try out a variety of combinations so you can find out what suits you best. The starter kits also enables you to use a higher nicotine strength e-liquid without giving you too much of a hit in one go.

Once you have gained some experience, you will have more of an idea of what you are looking for. If you are hoping for a gentler throat hit and more clouds you may want to explore the sub-ohm kits using a high VG e-liquid. Due to the thickness of the VG liquid, a more powerful vape kit is required in order to achieve the clouds you are looking for.

Does E-Liquid Expire?

Generally speaking your e-liquid won’t go off unless you keep it for a long period of time after opening it (at least a year). Once the seal has been broken on your bottle, air is able to get into the e-liquid which will cause it to oxidise. You may notice a slight darkening of your vape juice and a subtle increase of sweeter flavours but the higher nicotine strength e-liquids are affected more significantly with a reduction of potency resulting in a lesser nicotine hit. To maximise the longevity of your e-liquid keep it away from heat and light and this will keep it fresher for longer. 

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