How to Steep E-Liquid

How to Steep E-liquid

Steeping e-liquid is simply a method of ageing your vape juice to achieve the optimum flavour.

Like we marinade meats or leave our wine to age, steeping our e-liquids results in intensified flavours.

Time is the key factor when steeping e-liquid as allowing them to sit enables the flavourings, nicotine and PG/VG to blend and create an even better flavour. Vape juices can sometimes contain a tiny amount of alcohol but when steeping e-liquid this will evaporate, ensuring you aren’t left with that harsh taste.

Steeping E-Liquid – WHY?

One of the most popular reasons for steeping e-liquid is for vapers who make their own vape juice. The taste and flavours will be much better after steeping your e-liquid opposed to using it when it’s been freshly made. In theory, most commercial e-liquids have already been steeped as they have probably spent a while sitting on the shelf before you made your purchase. However, made-to-order e-liquids will be dispatched immediately so therefore won’t have had time to steep so leaving it to sit for a while will definitely help to intensify the flavours.

Steeping e-liquid is also particularly useful if you don’t like the flavour of your juice as steeping may improve its flavour and save you from having to throw it away so it is also a method that can be used for commercial e-liquids. However, sometimes there is no miracle cure for a bad vape juice so if you have been steeping your eliquid for a long time with no improvement in flavour, the chances are it’s just a bad juice and needs to be disposed of.

Steeping E-Liquid – HOW?

Firstly, choose a cool and dark place to store your e-liquid whether it be a cupboard, drawer or box and leave it there for a significant period of time. Every so often give the bottle a shake as this will help to speed up the process of steeping your e-liquid. As mentioned before steeping e-liquids does take time!

How to Breath E-Liquid?

The process of breathing your e-liquid involves removing the lid off your e-liquid bottle and allowing the vape juice to sit for several hours. This is particularly useful for e-liquids containing alcohol as this process will speed up the evaporation of it. Breathing your e-liquid should be done for up to a maximum of 12 hours in a safe place where you don’t risk knocking the bottle over!

How to Streath E-Liquid?

Streathing combines the process of steeping and breathing which explains the name it’s been given. Firstly, shake your bottle of e-liquid and then put it under warm running water. The heat of the water will thin out the vegetable glycerine (VG) so it’s a similar consistency to the propylene glycol (PG) enabling the 2 to blend more easily resulting in a more intense flavour.

Next, remove the cap and leave in a cool and dark place for 2 hours. Finally, remove your bottle and place the cap back on and shake once again. Once the e-liquid returns to room temperature the VG will return to it’s normal consistency but the flavours will be intensified.

How Long Does Steeping E-Liquid Take?

The process of steeping e-liquid can take varying amounts of time depending on the e-liquid you want to steep and your personal interpretation of taste as one person’s perception of flavour can be very different to another. Tobacco based e-liquids generally take a lot longer to steep than a fruity e-liquid blend. Tobacco and creamy dessert blends require a minimum of 2 weeks in comparison to 1-2 days for the fruity e-liquid flavours so flavour plays a huge part in how long you should be steeping your e-liquid.

With regards to commercial juices, the e-liquid bottle should have either an expiry date or a born-on date. Juices typically have a shelf life of around 2 years so these dates should give you a good indication of its age and whether steeping your e-liquid would be beneficial.

The colour of your e-liquid is a good indicator as when it starts to turn darker this shows the steeping process is happening! Please be aware that it is possible to steep e-liquid for too long and end up with your juice either losing its flavour or becoming too intense for both your throat and your taste buds so always bare this in mind.

Can I Steep My E-Liquid Faster?

Most people haven’t got the time to steep their e-liquid so finding ways to speed up the steeping process is crucial. If you are happy with the flavour of your e-liquid then don’t even worry about steeping it, however if you want to boost the flavour there are several methods that could achieve this more quickly. Some vapers are adamant that in order to achieve optimum flavour patience is the key factor and allow their e-liquid to steep for the maximum time. However, if you are keen to find a steeping hack you can try any of the following and see how you get on!

Bowl of Hot Water

Fill a bowl with warm water that you can comfortably place your hand in. Put your e-liquid bottle into a plastic bag and pop into the water.

Slow Cooker
Pour some water into your slow cooker and put it onto a low setting. Next pop your e-liquid into a plastic bag and then place into the water. Slow cookers are able to maintain a stable temperature enabling you to leave the e-liquid in there for an extended period of time making sure you give it an occasional shake.

Seed Steeping
This process involves blending a previously steeped e-liquid with a fresh and un-steeped e-liquid. Seed steeping “plants the seed” resulting in a quicker steeping process.

Regardless of whether you buy commercial e-liquids off the shelves or blend your own vape juices, steeping e-liquids could be the added magic ingredient to create your perfect all day vape. However, there is no remedy for a simply “bad vape juice” so if you have been steeping your e-liquid for a long time with no improvement in flavour then it’s probably best to just throw it away!!

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