How to Stop My Tank Leaking

What is a tank?

On vape devices, the tank is a fairly crucial part. The process of vaporisation, from which vape gets its name, occurs in the tank. This part of the vape device houses both the coil and the e-liquid and is also where the two make contact via the wick. Tanks appear differently across particular vaping devices, but their function is the same. 

Because of the movement of liquid through different parts of your vaping device, the tank can suffer from build-up and requires a little bit of attention to keep everything running smoothly. 

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Different kinds of tanks

Almost all e-cigs, mods and vape devices will contain a tank of some kind. However, there are several variations depending on what device you use.

  • A sub-ohm tank is a tank that is suitable for sub-ohm vaping. The coil in this kind of tank will be of particularly low resistance to maximise the vapour cloud produced. A higher ratio of vegetable glycerin is common in this kind of tank.  
  • Top-fill refers to tanks where refilling means taking off the top and filling it with e-liquid. This kind of tank is remarkably accessible and for vapers who are after fuss-free vaping.
  • 510 thread tanks are a common kind of tank, in which the 510 refers to the attachment. Its name comes from a specific characteristic: they are 5mm in length and contain ten screw threads. 
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Can you mix and match tanks?

In most cases, the ability to mix and match tanks isn’t a problem, so long as the attachments support the wattage output, which can cause poor battery performance. Many devices carry the attachment known as 510 thread. It is this latter point that most likely allows interchanging between tanks and devices.

Swapping out parts might also lead you to try different mouthpieces — one of the most interchangeable parts that will elevate your mod. There is a massive range of drip tips that you can choose and in an array of materials from polymer to metal.  

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Why is my tank leaking?

The tank is a pretty hard-working part of your vape device. It constantly holds e-liquid, allowing it to contact the coil and eventually produce the sweet vapour you’re after. Vape devices that aren’t single-use have the benefit of being filled up time and time again. Reusability is particularly welcome if you’ve stumbled upon your favourite configuration or set-up. 

With the repeated opening and closing of the tank, there are several reasons your tank might end up leaking. To combat this, you might want to consider some of the following.

  1. The centre tube is one of the primary sources of leaks in your device. To avoid this, tilt your tank when filling it and make sure the e-liquid slides down the side of the chamber. Some e-liquid refills conveniently have a thin nozzle, which makes this much more manageable.
  2. Overfilling your tank is a speedy way to get yourself a leak. Filling the tank to the brim is asking for trouble, so the advice would be to make sure it doesn’t go above the wick. If you hear a gurgling sound, there’s been a leak into the airflow!
  3. Make sure everything is tightened correctly but not over-tightened! The most common problem is cross-threading, where the threads on two components don’t line up correctly, resulting in an imperfect seal.
  4. As with most things that contain liquid, an upright storing position will prevent you from having leaks. Liquid has a tendency to find its way out of even the most tightened seal over time, so keep it stood up!

E-liquids at Eternal Vape

Looking after your tank might have reminded you that you are in need of a refill. Finding the right flavour, ratio and type of e-liquid is an important factor in your vaping experience. From sweets and confectionary to tobacco and fruit flavours there are a ton of e-liquids to choose from. Take a look at all there is on offer and bag your new favourite vape juice.

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