What are Short fills?

Since TPD came into effect in May 2016, e-liquids containing nicotine could only be sold in 10ml bottles so this led to the development of the short fills. There was no limitation on the size of the bottle as long as the e-liquid didn’t contain nicotine. This enabled vaping companies to produce these nicotine free vape juices in a bigger bottle, allowing vapers to add their nicotine shot to achieve their ideal nicotine hit for their perfect vape. 

Short fills are a nicotine free e-liquid that come in a larger bottle with space in the top to add a nicotine shot or 2 in your desired strength. They come in either a 120ml or 60ml bottle but are only filled to 80% capacity to allow space for the nic shot to be added. This is particularly useful for heavy vapers who get through large amounts of e-liquids and especially good for those who use sub-ohm devices. It’s also handy if you discover a favourite e-liquid that you want to stock up on! They’re a cost effective way of buying e-liquids and give vapers the opportunity to customise their vaping experience even more. Browse our shortfills range here.

How do I use a short fill?

Generally speaking short fills come in either a 60ml bottle containing 50ml of e-liquid or a 120ml bottle containing 100ml of e-liquid. This allows vapers to add 1 or 2  bottles of nicotine shots (10ml) to create their preferred strength of e-liquid.

How do I add the nicotine shot?

Due to TPD short fill bottles still have a childproof lid. In order to add the nicotine shot you need to pop this off and remove the inner top cap and then add your shot. Replace the top cap and lid and then shake for approximately 1 minute to ensure it is fully mixed to avoid any harsh flavours. Once the bubbles have settled you can enjoy vaping with your newly mixed e-liquid! 

The 50ml shortfill bottles have space to add a full 10ml bottle containing 18mg nic shot so once this has been mixed together you will end up with a 60ml e-liquid containing a 3mg nicotine content,

If you want to allow your e-liquid to steep after mixing in order to develop flavours further you can leave the lid off your short fill for about 10 minutes before sealing up and popping in a dark place for a few days.

Flavour choices

In terms of flavour, most vaping companies produce short fills in any flavour your heart desires including simple tobacco blends, decadent desserts and fruity flavoured e-liquids! Nicotine shots are generally flavourless which is a bonus as this means it won’t alter the taste of your e-liquid. However, it is possible to get a menthol nicotine shot for a cooling twist!

How do I get the correct nicotine strength?

If you add a 10ml nicotine shot 18mg to a bottle containing 50ml of e-liquid you end up with a 3mg strength short fill. This end result varies depending on the strength and amount of the nicotine shot added. Therefore. if you want a milder mix just add half the bottle (5ml of 18mg) to create a 1.5mg strength instead.

If on the other hand you want a stronger mix, some bottles have enough space so you can add 2 nicotine shots. If you don’t have a larger bottle, you can can just decant some of the liquid out until you have enough space to add these. As nicotine has no flavour, this will dilute your e-liquid so can alter the taste. Therefore, as mentioned above, we recommended you leave the lid off for 10 minutes before closing the bottle.

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