What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vaping requires a device that uses a large coil with a resistance of less than 1.0ohm on a battery that can produce a high wattage. This lower resistance results in the coil heating up faster and consequently producing huge clouds of vapour with an intense and satisfying flavour. Sub-ohming is great for those vapers branching out into the cloud chasing world of vaping! If you are looking for billowing clouds, intense flavour and lower nicotine levels sub-ohm vaping could be for you!

Important Components for Sub-Ohm Vaping

There are 3 very important elements that can influence your experience of sub-ohm vaping:

  1. Coil Resistance – When sub-ohm vaping, a coil with a resistance of less than 1.0 Ohm must be used. As these lower resistance coils tend to be thicker and bigger, they have a larger surface area which allows them to conduct more current and ultimately produce more vapour.
  2. Wattage – The higher the power output, the more heat produced resulting in larger amounts of vapour and enhanced flavour.
  3. Battery Voltage – The voltage relates to the power generated by the battery within your vaping device. When using a low resistance coil (less than 1.0 Ohm) the higher the voltage means a higher wattage output and again increased vapour and intensified flavour.

Why Choose Sub-Ohm Vaping?

There are many reasons why vapers choose to enter the world of sub-ohm vaping:

  • Increased power outputs
  • Increased firing temperature
  • Sublime flavour
  • Billowing clouds
  • More satisfying lung hit
  • Ability to fully customise in order to enjoy your personalised vaping experience

Billowing Clouds

Sub-ohm vaping involves using the thicker higher VG e-liquids and results in incredibly dense and thick billowing clouds making this method of vaping ideal for those cloud chasers out there! As they do produce a massive explosion of vapour, this may not be suitable for all environments so some people switch between a vape pen when they need to be more discreet to a sub-ohm device when they can let loose with the clouds!

Smoother & mightier flavour

The flavour is intensified due to the huge amounts of vapour produced

Stronger lung hit

Sub-ohm vaping involves drawing the vapour directly into your lungs in one single breath so ideal for those vapers looking for a deep lung hit. In comparison, mouth to lung (MTL) vaping involves drawing the vapour into your mouth and holding it there for a few seconds before taking a second breath and taking into your lungs, resulting in a lesser lung hit. Therefore, sub-ohm vaping delivers a more intense experience and is the method chosen by hardcore vapers that no longer desire the cigalike experience.

Maximum pleasure over nicotine hits

Sub-ohm vaping is a great choice for people who just enjoy the experience of creating enormous clouds of vapour with incredible flavour. Of course, you will still achieve that nicotine hit you are looking for but this tends to be less of a priority for those who choose sub-ohm vaping. As high VG e-liquids need to be used in sub-ohm devices, this results in a lesser throat hit than with MTL vaping.

How do you Sub-Ohm?

Sub-Ohm vaping is known direct to lung (DTL) vaping and the technique most often employed by the more experienced vapers. This method is very similar to the way we naturally breath and involves inhaling the vapour straight down into your lungs without holding it in your mouth first. This technique would feel very abnormal to first time vapers transitioning from smoking as they are used to allowing the vapour to linger in their mouth before taking down to their lungs. This technique can take a while to master as instead of sucking on the mouthpiece you effectively take a deep breath which means the vapour bypasses your mouth and goes straight into your lungs. The sensation of this for the first time will probably result in the user couging and needing to exhale immediately. Over a period of time with enough practice, most users are able to successfully inhale slowly and steadily for 3-5 seconds to near full lung capacity before needing to exhale. Make sure your exhalation is FAST to achieve the thickest possible cloud production and maximum flavour.

What Devices Work Best for Sub-Ohm Vaping?

As sub-ohm vaping requires a high-powered device with a low coil resistance, not all vape kits can be used for sub-ohm vaping:

  • Sub-Ohm Tanks are ideal for sub-ohm vapers that are unable to build their own coils and want a hassle-free experience. These tanks are made of stainless steel and glass and use pre-built disposable low resistance coils.
  • Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs) are sub-ohm tanks that contain a rebuildable deck, enabling vapers to build their own coils.
  • Rebuildable Drip Atomizers are the most complex option and consist of a customised coil and cotton which vapers wrap around the coil. E-liquid can then be dripped directly onto the coil and cotton every few puffs. As the liquid is vaporised so quickly, vapers have the option to change their flavours between puffs!

What Nicotine Strength Should I Choose?

When you start sub-ohm vaping, you will need to alter the nicotine strength you use as the lung hit is far more intense in comparison to MTL vaping. Sub-ohm devices produce a larger amount of vaper and consequently carry more nicotine per inhale which means you will need to reduce the strength you choose. The general rule of thumb is that whatever strength you use when MTL vaping halve it when sub-ohm vaping. So, for example if you generally vape with an e-liquid containing 12mg nicotine, choose a 6mg juice instead. However, we wouldn’t recommend any higher than 6mg as this would be too harsh on your throat.

Nicotine salts should also be avoided as the use of these would result in a banging nicotine headache which definitely isn’t the goal of sub-ohm vaping!

What VG:PG Ratio Should I Use with My Sub-Ohm Device?

In general, MTL vapers will choose a 50/50 blend to achieve a good throat hit and a satisfactory throat hit. However, as sub-ohm vapers use higher powered devices that vaporise high VG e-liquid better, it opens up a huge array of options in various VG:PG ratios.

The most popular options are 70VG/30PG and 80VG/20PG as they both deliver fantastic flavour and billowing clouds of vapour with a very gentle throat hit. There is the option of 100% VG for the deepest, thickest clouds you can imagine but you will have to compromise on flavour as higher VG requires higher power.

What E-Liquid should I use?

So, to summarise you should choose a high VG e-liquid with a low nicotine strength. Remember that nicotine content affects the flavour of your e-liquid so the lower the nicotine level, the better the flavour and vapour production. The vast majority of sub-ohm vapers use short fills with a maximum 3mg nicotine shot mixed in. This level can be reduced to suit your personal preference and achieve optimum flavour. 

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