Why Is My Vape Tank Hot?

Due to the high wattage that some devices use, tanks are susceptible to getting hot. The battery within the device supplies energy to the coil. Some of that energy is turned into heat which then results in the creation of vapour which is sent up the mouthpiece to be inhaled. This can cause the base of the tank to become hot and if accidentally touched feel as though you have just touched the edge of a hot pan. There are many horror stories you may have heard about exploding e-cigarettes but the reality is that the risk of a major incident happening with your battery is very slim but isn’t zero so always act with caution but “don’t panic”.

Mobile phones are a good comparison as they can also get hot at times when using them in the same way that your vape kit can feel warm when in use but this isn’t a sign of imminent catastrophe. As long as you’re using a regulated vape kit featuring the standard electrical protections opposed to a mechanical vape mod then there should be no need to panic. Back in 2017, the London Fire Brigade stated that there are 255 times more smoking related fires than those caused by vaping which represents how much safer vaping is than smoking cigarettes.

However, that being said, it’s important to treat batteries with respect by using the correct charging equipment, ensuring your lithium battery is never exposed to water, regular maintenance checks and storing in a dry environment avoiding extremes of temperature and contact with metal objects such as coins and keys that may be in your pocket.

In the majority of cases, if your vape kit is getting a little hot, this is probably nothing to worry about and most likely a result of you getting slightly overenthusiastic with your vaping. However, if it’s your battery getting hot opposed to your tank it could suggest a genuine issue so it’s important to look into this and get the problem resolved.

Where is your vape kit getting hot?

Firstly, you need to establish where your vape kit is getting hot. There are 2 possible sources, the battery or the tank. In the majority of cases the heat will be located at the base of the tank where the coil is located. This section can get hot so whilst you should be able to briefly touch it to test where the heat is coming from, don’t expect to be able to hold onto it for much longer. However, if the heat is so extreme that you are unable to even quickly touch it without the risk of burning yourself, this suggests a more serious problem. At this stage, it’s recommended that you cover your hand with some form of material (such as a cloth) to protect yourself from being burnt and immediately remove the tank. If the heat is coming from the battery this could also be a serious warning sign so stop using immediately.

Why is my Vape Kit Getting Hot?

Ultimately, vape kits are designed to get hot as the battery sends energy to the coil to heat it up and consequently produce vapour so in the majority of cases this will be the cause of the heat.

Therefore, one of the most common causes of your vape kit getting very hot is “chain vaping”. Prolonged periods of constant puffing will result in a very hot coil which can lead to the outside of the tank getting rather hot. Whilst this is generally located at the bottom of the tank where the coil is positioned, the heat can spread further and result in the body of your vape kit also feeling warm to touch.

The style of coil used can also determine how hot your vape kit gets.

Cooling your Vape Kit Down

This is a very simple task and just requires you to stop vaping for 10 minutes to allow the kit to cool down.

Other Possible Causes 

If chain-smoking isn’t the cause of your vape kit getting hot there are other possible reasons so what could they be?

1. Gunk Around your Coil

The coil will struggle to soak up e-liquid if there is gunk blocking the way. It will heat up as usual but the lack of juice to absorb the energy produced by your vape kit will result in the temperature rising much faster which can lead to “dry puffs”.

The easiest way to resolve this issue is to quite simply change your coil. Alternatively, you could try and clean the coil by soaking it in warm water or grain alcohol but this won’t always achieve the desired results and may still require you to replace the coil. In some cases, you just have to accept that your coil has expired and is ready for the bin!

2. Obstructed Flow of E-Liquid

E-liquids vary in thickness depending on the proportions of VG and PG. High VG juices are thicker in consistency which could result in wicking difficulties. Some tanks feature a liquid flow control enabling vapers to narrow the path between the tank and wick. Setting this too low can also result in problems with wicking. Both these issues can cause reduced wicking, burnt hits and heat forming around the tank especially at the point where the coil is located.

Resolving this issue is very simple if you have the “liquid flow control” feature as this just needs to be opened up to allow the e-liquid to flow freely again. 

If you are using a high VG juice you may need to change your tank to one specifically designed for sub-ohming or just tart using an e-liquid containing less VG.

Once you have made these changes your device should cool down again. There’s a possibility that the wick could already be burnt though so if you are still experiencing dry puffs it’s best to just remove and replace your coil.

3. Using a high Wattage 

The higher the power used, the more heat will be generated so in order to reduce this heat stop vaping for 10 minutes and allow your vape device to cool down. Now try turning the wattage down to a slightly lower temperature.

4. Airflow Issues

If you are experiencing very hot vapour this can be managed by increasing the airflow by opening it more. Increased wattage levels result in your coils reaching elevated temperatures which consequently results in hotter vapour being produced. Opening the adjustable airflow allows more cool air to enter resulting in a cooler vapour. If you feel the vapour is still too hot, try turning the wattage down too.

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