Why is The Flavour Suddenly So Poor?

If you have experienced a sudden reduction in flavour there are a few possible causes:

1. Coil

The older your coil becomes the worse it gets at carrying flavour. Therefore, the reduced flavour could simply be a result of the coil having expired and needing to be replaced.

2. E-Liquid

If you have recently changed your e-liquid this could have an effect on the quality and amount of flavour produced. Firstly, the ratio of VG/PG is very important as the higher the PG the more intense the flavour will be. Therefore, if you have switched from a 50/50 blend to a high VG e-liquid there will be a noticeable reduction in flavour accompanied by an increase in vapour production. The other thing to consider is where you are buying your juice from. Always ensure you buy from a reputable brand to guarantee maximum quality and therefore optimum flavour.  

3. Voltage

Higher voltage means more intense flavour so always try turning this up if you are looking to enhance the flavour.

4. Airflow

Increased airflow produces more vapour whereas reduced airflow results in enhanced flavour production.

5. Vapers Tongue

You are suffering from vapers tongue where your taste buds are no longer able to register the flavour as they have become so accustomed to it. In this instance we recommend you try a different flavour.

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