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When your coil burns out and it's time to replace it, we have the perfect range and choice of coils for you. From all the leading brands like SMOK and Aspire. Coils are an important part of the vaping experience, whether it be for a Vape Pen or a Pod Mod, the coil heats the e-liquid to the perfect temperature so vapour can be produced. It can be an overwhelming experience when you first start, trying to get the right coil for you. If this is you, check out our Coil guide "what are coils". Shop the full range below:

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What is a Vape Coil and what does it do?

The Coil, which can also be called the atomiser is a vital and intrinsic part of the vaping process. The Coil is really the beating heartbeat of the device! Normally housed inside the vape tank or pod. It is quite simply a coiled piece of wire, and some wicking material which is normally cotton (but can be other materials). This wicking material soaks up the e-liquid that is in the tank or pod and when the vape device is turned on it simply heats the coil, which turns the e-liquid into vapour.

What do the different types of vape coil do?

On a basic level there’s simply the different resistances that are available. This can be roughly categorised into sub-ohm (less than 1 ohm resistance) and higher resistance coils. (more than 1 ohm). We’ll talk about ohm’s in more detail later. Coils can also be categorised based on the material used:

Ceramic Coils – Ceramic vape coils are more porous than other coils. This means they allow more air to pass through the ceramic material giving you a silky-smooth draw and enhanced flavour. Because of the increased airflow through the ceramic material used for wicking the eliquid you will find you get faster heating at a much lower wattage and therefore a longer lifespan of the coil. On the flip side of this ceramic coils are also much more able to withstand higher wattages so can be a great choice for some of the higher power devices that are now on the market. We have ceramic coils by some of the best known vape brands, like SMOK coils..

So what about Mesh Coils? - Mesh coils made a massive impression on the industry when they came out, they became the no1 choice for lots of vaping enthusiasts very quickly. Here is the reason why, unlike traditional coils which is a piece of wound wire Mesh coils feature a curved mesh net. This gives the result of creating a larger surface area to heat more e-liquid quicker. This gives the vaper not only an increase in flavour but also vapour production. Because the surface area is spread out and even on a mesh coil there’s no risk of a “hot spot” forming like on traditional coils. Therefore, your coil will last longer as well.  At Eternal Vape we stock a wide range of Mesh coils from lots of brands including, VooPoo, Oxva and Innokin.

Stainless steel Coils - When it comes to coils, stainless steel is one of the most versatile as you can use it both at high and low wattage and in more advanced temperature control mod devices.

What do Ohms do and what are they?

Back to school we go! Simply put Ohms are the measurement of resistance in metal. In our vape devices it is directly proportional to how much vapour the coil will produce. If you have a coil that has what we class as a higher resistance (above 1 ohm) you will create less vapour and therefore need less power from your device. Perfect for discreet vaping. When you drop the resistance to below 1 ohm we call it Sub Ohm. You’ve probably worked it out, but these coils produce more vapour but require more power. Perfect if you’re cloud chasing!

Picking the perfect vape coil for you

Well as we’ve just seen above think about what you want from you vaping experience. If you want a fairly discreet vaping experience, then going for a coil with a resistance over 1 ohm is going to for you. This also means you will want to look at e-liquids that are generally a 50/50 blend or high PG. This sort of vaping is known as mouth to lung vaping (MTL) which is most similar to how you would smoke a cigarette.

If you like the idea of producing big clouds and have a device with more power, you might decide to go down the sub ohm route. If you go down this route you need to focus on high VG e-liquids, like those often found in shortfills eliquids. Sub-ohm vaping is more commonly associated with direct to lung vaping (DTL). This is normally something that you should progress onto rather than if you’re just starting off your vaping journey.

When do I need to change my vape coil?

This will ultimately come down to how much you vape! Some regular vapers change their coils every week other every 2-3 weeks. There are some easy signs to look out for to tell you that you it’s time to change it! –

Burnt taste on your hit - Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced this at some point, it’s not that pleasant and it’s not worth vaping through it. Time to change the coil!

Your e-liquid tastes different or weaker – This often is the step before the burnt taste, a good indication to think about getting a new coil. Although it can be a bad e-liquid, it's much more likely to be the sign of a dead coil. Time to replace it!

Less and less vapour production? – Yup seems obvious, but when you start producing less and less clouds then it’s time to change that coil!

Coils at Eternal Vape

We have an ever-increasing range of vape coils on our online vape shop for you, and are always happy to offer our advice should you have a question. Just send us a quick email and our coils expert will give you the advice you need! Can’t see the coil you want? Just email us and we’ll happily source it for you. Remember you get free shipping over £15 with us and most deliveries arrive the next working day.