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Nic salt e-liquids are a great way to get that nicotine hit faster and smoother! Shop our amazing and ever growing range of salt eliquids right here:

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Nicotine salts are made from the leaves of the tobacco plant. In normal eliquids, freebase nicotine is used and can leave you with a scratchy throat in higher nicotine strengths. Nicotine salts stop this by adding benzoic acid to the freebase nicotine, which neutralises the alkalinity thus giving you a smother throat hit. Salt nicotine is also great as it's more readily absorbed by your body, in fact the science says within just 6 seconds! Because of all this, nic salts are actually vapourised inside your device at a much lower temperature, which makes them much more suited to mouth to lung type devices like the Aspire Pockex Kit or a replaceable pod kit like the Hexa V2 Starter Kit.

So Nic Salts Are Better Than Normal e-liquids?

Well, it all depends what you want from your eliquid. If you’ve just given up cigarettes and are still craving that nicotine hit, then nicotine salts are an ideal way to quickly quell that craving. As initially you’ll likely still be on higher nicotine content e-liquids, the Nic Salts will give you a smooth throat hit which may be more preferable to you. As you reduce the nicotine content you need, you may decide to try other e-liquids as well. So, grab your pod kit and Nic salt it up!

Nic Salts are also great for those greedy vapers who can’t put their vape down and are constantly puffing away! As you get a more satisfying hit, you’ll automatically put your vape device down more! So, you may find salt nicotine e-liquid saves you money.

What strength Nic Salt e-liquid should I buy?

Well, there is quite a choice now, ranging from 5mg to 20mg. As a guide, if you were a smoker who got through more than 1 packet of cigs per day then go for 20mg to start with and gradually reduce over time.

Eternal Vape Nic Salt Range

Our range of nicotine salt eliquids includes pre-filled pods and 10ml e-liquids. With prefilled Nic Salt pods from Element’s Ns/20 range made for the Aspire Gusto Mini, Hexa Pods and Vypes (soon to be Vuse) ePen 3 replacement pods there’s a wide selection. With the 10ml Nic Salts we have a large and ever-growing range from Riot Squad Salts through to Dinner Lady and Zeus Juice. With with us at Eternal Vape,  the online vape shop you get free shipping over £15 and the large majority of deliveries arrive the next day.