Shop our fantastic range of shortfill eliquids today. With room for either 1x10ml Nic shot in our 50ml shortfills or 2 x 10ml Nic shots in our 100ml shortfills. With flavours sure to tantalise your taste buds pick yourself up a short fill bottle today.

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Lets Talk Shortfills

Shortfills are a result of regulations that came into force in 2016 called the tobacco products directive (TPD). It meant that manufactures couldn’t sell eliquids containing nicotine in bottles bigger than 10ml. From here shortfills were produced! Manufactures made larger bottles (in 50ml and 100ml most commonly) that are “short filled” to 80% of their maximum volume. So, you can add a pure nicotine shot of your choice to make a nicotine based e-liquid yourself! Clever stuff!

The majority of shortfills come in in a 70VG/30PG mix making them ideal for sub ohm vape devices. Within our large shortfill range at Eternal Vape we have flavours to suit every palate. So you're bound to find the right shortfill e-liquid for you. 

Adding Nicotine shots - How do I do that?

So, you have your shortfill bottle filled with your lovely choice of vape juice and now you need to mix your nicotine into it. But how? Let’s focus on a 50ml bottle to start with. As we’ve already said above it's going to be 80% filled with e-liquid this leaves you 10ml space for your nic shot. (So the bottle actually holds 60ml in the end) If your end goal is to have 3mg strength e-liquid, make sure you have a 18mg strength Nic shot bottle. (They are always 18mg or 20mg). Simply pour this bottle into you liquid put the lid back on give it a shake, then leave it for at least 10 minutes. You’ve made yourself some 3mg nicotine strength eliquid! Well done you! Want it slightly weaker? Just put half the nicotine shot in!

Got yourself one of our 100ml shortfill bottles like the awesome Six Licks eliquids? Well, you’ve got room for 2 x 10ml Nic shots in yours. Giving you a massive 120ml of nicotine e-liquid at 3mg strength. Again, if you want it weaker just add 1 bottle and it’ll be 1.5mg strength eliquid. You’re now a shortfill filler expert, class dismissed!

What are these Nic shots exactly?

Simple put it’s a 10ml shot of nicotine in liquid form that you add to your e-liquid as we stated above. There are 2 types available to you: Freebase & Nicotine salts. Freebase account for the majority of nicotine shots you will buy. It is cheaper and will give you a slightly bigger throat hit in stronger doses. Freebase nicotine is best suited to sub ohm vape devices. Nicotine salts have a lower alkaline content that means it can be used at higher doses and will vaporises in your device at a lower temperature. It will give you a smoother throat hit but is best used in lower watt devices like starter kits and pod devices.

Finally, what are the best vape kits to use my shortfill with?

As we’ve said above, generally as the liquids are high VG then you’re going to want to go for one of our Sub Ohm devices, or with a Pod device that support both sub ohm and regular MTL, but importantly has the option of a lower resistance coil (below 1ohm resistance). The good news is that more and more devices these days do offer that multi use option. Check out our range of Vape devices. So, grab yourself a shortfill bottle today, get mixing and enjoy your vaping journey with us at Eternal Vape online vape shop.