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We sell some of the highest quality and most popular vape kits and e-cigarettes you can get. Selling hugely popular brands such as SMOK, Geekvape and Uwell. We have the perfect starter vape kits for beginner vapers along with a growing range of Pod mods for intermediate Vapers and also a great selection of sub-ohm devices perfect for advanced vapers. Along with a great range of Disposables and cigarette-style devices suited to all. Your sure to be able to find you perfect device or even back up device with us. Shop the range now:

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What are the different types of Vape Kit?

The vast and ever-growing selection of vape kits that are available now can be mind-blowing and confusing for lots of people. If you’re just starting of your vaping journey it can be almost off putting! But fear not, we are here to help you find the right vape kit for you. With vape kits from leading brands like SMOK, Aspire and Innokin. Plus, up and coming brands like Oxva that push vaping technology more and more. Listed below is a quick overview of vape kits that are available for you.

What are Disposables? 

Disposable e-cigarette devices are generally very easy to use and are simply a case of just taking a draw from the mouthpiece and you’ll be away. Coming prefilled with e-liquid in them already, these are low maintenance and fuss free. Disposable e-cigs can be a great way of trying vaping on a basic level. We have disposable e-cigs from 10 Motives, Dinner Lady Vape and ULTD among others.

What are Vape Pens?

This form of e-cigarette is beginner friendly, slim and easy to use. Any pen kit will have an in-built battery and a tank that you simply fill with your favourite e-liquid. (Check out our huge range of e-liquids). Vape pens will also normally allow you to adjust the airflow and the power setting so you can customise your vaping experience to meet your needs. You will need to change the coil regularly but that can also give you further options when you progress your vaping experience.

What are Pod Kits and Pod Mod Kits? 

These vape kits have become massively popular over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. Simple to use and super compact, whilst offering more and more customisable options for you. Pod kits can come with prefilled e-liquid pods like the Hexa V2 starter kit or with refillable pods like the SMOK Nord 4. The refillable pods simply mean you refill them with your choice of eliquid rather than throwing the whole pod away like you would with the pre-filled pods. When you go further into Pod Mods you’ll see mentions of mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung vaping (DTL). Check out our help sheet on MTL Vs DTL here to explain more.

What are Sub-ohm Vape kits?

Sub-ohm vape kits are designed with the more experienced and advanced vaper in mind. Particularly suited to those that prefer a direct to lung vaping style. With sub-ohm vaping you’ll be producing big clouds and getting a smooth flavour. Generally, because of this, sub-ohm devices are best suited to lower nicotine strengths, so might not be the best choice for those that are just coming from cigarettes. You will however get a huge degree of customisation with variable wattage, temperature control, adjustable airflow and a massive range of sub-ohm coils made from different materials like mesh coils and ceramic coils.

What’s the best vape kit for a beginner? 

Well, it can be a confusing market for beginners. However, we will always advise you that you simply start simple and progress from there. Cost, size, style of vaping you want, will all come into any decision you ultimately make. If you still want that feel of a cigarette in your hand then a cigarette-style device like 10 motives can be a good start. Feeling a little braver? Then try a vape starter kit from our beginner vaper section. The Aspire Pockex and Innokin Go S starter kits have proved massively popular with first time vapers and experienced vapers alike.

There’s never a one size fits all approach to vaping when you start, so have a look round our devices and see what takes your fancy. We’re also always happy to offer any advice that you might need from our hugely experienced customer service team. So just drop us an email.

What do I get in a Vape kit?

Vape starter kits and pre-filled pod kits will come with everything you need to start vaping quickly. Some starter kits will require you to pick your e-liquid to put in your vaping device. Whilst pre-filled pod kits will come with the e-liquid already in the pod, meaning you have to replace it every few days, it’s a very easy way to start vaping. We have pre-filled pods from Hexa, Vype, Element and soon will have Juul Pods. All of these pods are available in different flavours.

All starter kits and prefilled pod kits will arrive with you with a battery, tank or pod and a charging cable. As you progress you might find some of the more advanced kits require a separate battery and charger. All our vape kits give you a description of what you will receive.

Are Vape Kits expensive?

Cost is one of the big advantages when you make the switch to vaping. It’s been proven that a 20 a day smoker will save over £3000 per year when they switch to vaping. Although there can be a upfront cost for your starter kit or pod device, this soon gets put aside by the cheaper on-going cost of e-liquids and vape pods compared to cigarettes. We have e-liquids from just £1 and most of our e-liquids are available on multi-buy deals as well. With our 10 Motives refills you can save money the more you buy making them amazing value in bulk buying.

What vape kit should I buy in 2021? – With such an amazing choice now available to you it’s an exciting choice! Many vapers have a couple of devices on the go for different situations. Manufactures are continually improving and coming up with innovative new designs. At Eternal Vape you can sure we will stock the best vape devices, and if you still can’t decide, please get in touch with us. Our vastly experienced team will be happy to help.