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Vape pod kits are an ideal entry point into the world of vaping. Ideal for workplaces that aren’t keen on massive clouds of vapour, a vape pod kit is discreet and yet they perform exceedingly well. Vape pods can come with pods that are pre-filled, or with refillable vape pods that you can fill up with your own flavour of e-liquid. The huge variety of vape pod kits available at Eternal Vape means that anyone will be able to find what they’re looking for here. See our other vape kits for more options.

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What are Pod Vapes?

Pod Vapes are simply a vaping device that has either a pre-filled pod or an empty pod that you simply fill with vape juice yourself. These are often referred to as closed pod systems and open pod systems.

Closed pod systems are devices like the Vuse ePod (formally called Vype ePod) or the Hexa V2 Starter Kit. With these devices you simply change  the pod itself when you've finished the pod. These devices offer super convenient and simple vaping. As the pods come pre-filled with e-liquid and the coil already in it there's no need to mess about changing coils. The one downside you may find is you're a bit more limited in the flavours of eliquids that are in the pods you have available to you with that particular device. 

With Open Pod systems such as the hugely popular SMOK Nord 4 or the stylish and sleek Oxva Origin X you simply fill the pods yourself with your own choice of e-liquid. In some more advanced Pod systems also can tailor the coil resistance you use to your own preference as your vaping journey progresses. Open Pod vaping devices definitely give you more options and you are able to tailor things to your own personal taste.

How Long Does A Pod Last?

This will depend on the amount of vaping you will do of course, but as rough guide for an average vaper a pod should last you between 3-5 days. By average we mean vaping a few times a day not every 10 minutes!

What are the Advantages of a Vape Pod Device?

Simple to use, sleek design and no messing about with changing coils in most pods for a start! Most systems are a simple inhale to use auto draw type device, perfect for new vapers. Others will have a simple firing button that you just press to drag. Devices that are closed system and have pre-filled pods are also very reliable creating a very consistent vaping experience. 

Pod Devices tend to favour higher nicotine type e-liquids like Nic salts. A lot of the pre-filled pods contain a nic salt e-liquid anyway (Check out the Vuse replacement ePods). Nic salt eliquids tend to be favoured by new vapers coming over from smoking as the nicotine content in the vape juice is generally higher than standard e-liquids. The nic salt formula produces a smoother throat hit than a higher nicotine content freebase e-liquid would. Plus you get the nicotine hit quicker and tends to last longer meaning you dont need to vape as much. Check out our Nic Salt e-liquids here.

What is the Best Vape Pod Kit?

Well as with all things in life a lot of it depends on your personal choice and what you're looking for! At Eternal Vape we only stock devices that we would use ourselves, so you can be sure you're getting a quality device. If you're just making the switch over grab yourself something simple like the Vuse ePod Pod Device, at just £4.99 its amazing value and a good way of getting your vaping journey underway. If you want a bit more choice and technology the Oxva Origin X gives some of the best flavour we've ever experienced. For a great all rounder the SMOK Nord 4 is a perfect compact pod device. We can't not mention the fun and funky Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime Pod Kit as well, simple to use and for a small device packed full of tech!