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Vape pens are hugely popular in the UK because of their discreet shape and size, making them subtle enough to have in public spaces without worry. As the perfect stepping stone between disposable e-cigs and advanced sub-Ohm devices, the vape pen is a versatile vape kit that works well for intermediate vapers. Powered by internal batteries, these vape pens work by pressing a power button that heats the coil that turns the e-liquid into vapour. See our other vape kits for more options.

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What is a Vape pen?

Quite simply a vape pen is one of the most simple and popular types of e-cigs on the market. Coming in all shapes and sizes, vape pens are the nearest in size to a standard cigarette. They provide a perfect bridge between disposable devices and advanced vaping kits. The advantage of a vape pen over a disposable e-cigarette is you have a wider range of vape liquid to choose from. Vape pens will generally be powered by a built-in battery and have a heating element in a tank where you put your different e-liquids. Vape pens are generally lightweight and sleek in design, making them pocket friendly and perfect for on the move vaping. They make perfect secondary devices for experienced vapers as they can easily be carried around without the bulk of a pod mod.

How do I choose a Vape Pen?

This can depend on what you want the device for and how much customisation you want for your device. You may be wanting to recreate the feel and look of a cigarette with a device like the Vapouriz Fuse. You may be wanting to produce large clouds of vapour, if this is the case, you’ll want a device that can offer you a low coil resistance option (sub-ohm). The Aspire Pockex offers both a sub-ohm and plus ohm option. The hugely popular e-liquid brand Dinner Lady offer a Vape Pen device that is also a disposable option, creating a hybrid device that offers the technology of a vape pen but the convivence of a disposable.

When choosing your vape pen you will need to decide if you want to fill the device with e-liquid yourself or go for the convivence of a prefilled pod like the Vuse/Vype ePen 3 refills. Buy buying a device that you fill yourself you are giving yourself a wider range of eliquid flavours and nicotine strengths to choose from.

These days all vape pens have good battery life, and you should comfortably get a day’s vaping out of your device. Even the disposable Dinner Lady vape pens offer around 400 puffs per pen, that’s the rough equivalent of 20 cigarettes! This brings us nicely into the affordability of vape pens. You can spend as much or as little as you want depending on what you want from it. Dinner lady Vape pens are under £5 per device, but even a fantastic device like the Innokin Go-S or Aspire Pockex is sub £20! So, you really can get a great device providing everything you need for a very reasonable price.

Vape Pens at Eternal Vape

At Eternal Vape we only stock products that we would be happy using ourselves. We select only the best and most reliable vape pens for you to choose from. Shop our range here and pick up the perfect vape pen for you.