Vaping Techniques

The world of vaping can be very overwhelming for the novice as there are so many options available to choose from, which can leave people feeling very confused. There are 2 significantly different forms of vaping techniques which will help determine the vaping kit you choose. Sub-ohm devices are generally used for direct to lung (DTL) vaping in contrast to mouth to lung (MTL) devices which are self-explanatory and used for MTL vaping. However, there are some exceptions to the rules with a few sub-ohm devices being used for MTL vaping due to the combination of a more restricted airflow and a lower battery power output. We will explain in more detail below. 

Vaping techniques
Vaping styles are determined by the inhalation method used. This is very much a personal preference so there is no right or wrong way. However, it is important to understand the different methods as this will determine the types of devices that best suit you and the types oe-liquids you can use.

What is mouth to lung (MTL) vaping?

If you are looking for a vaping style that most closely replicates the feeling of smoking a cigarette then mouth to lung vaping is the best option. The majority of newbies to the vaping world choose this method as it feels like the most natural way for them to inhale. This vaping technique requires a low powered device and a high resistance coil (above 1ohm) and results in an intense flavour without producing large clouds! It’s a more discreet way of vaping that provides you with the nicotine fix you are looking for. One of the advantages of this technique is the fact it uses less e-liquid than DTL vaping therefore saving a little money……….every penny counts!!!

What’s the difference between smoking a cigarette and MTL vaping?
As mentioned above MTL vaping most closely replicates the experience of smoking a cigarette. They both essentially follow the same process with the vapour going into the mouth and then being further inhaled into the lungs which allows air to be drawn in at the same time. The user then exhales. However, the main difference between them is down to length of the “draw”. Vaping involves a long, smooth and steady draw to optimise flavour and satisfaction whereas smoking a cigarette involves short, sharp drags.

With MTL vaping you can vary your technique by changing how long you leave the vapour in your mouth. For a more intense flavour and bigger hit, it is recommended you keep it in your mouth a little longer. If you want to avoid any unwanted attention leave the time between inhalation and exhalation as long as possible and this will reduce the size of  the vapour cloud.. Vaping in a discreet manner like this is also know as stealth vaping.

What is stealth vaping?
As mentioned above this method of vaping is designed to make you as inconspicuous and discreet as possible and is ideal for anyone wishing to avoid any unwanted attention. Discreet devices combined with low power with a tight MTL draw work best for this type of vaping. Combining this with the user limiting the amount they exhale, this results in a much smaller vapour cloud which can be almost invisible.

What is DTL Vaping?

DTL is known as direct to lung vaping and the technique most often employed by the more experienced vapers. This method is very similar to the way we naturally breath and involves inhaling the vapour straight down into your lungs without holding it in your mouth first. This technique would feel very abnormal to first time vapers transitioning from smoking as they are used to allowing the vapour to linger in their mouth before taking down to their lungs. This technique can take a while to master as instead of sucking on the mouthpiece you effectively take a deep breath which means the vapour bypasses your mouth and goes straight into your lungs. The sensation of this for the first time will probably result in the user coughing and needing to exhale immediately. Over a period of time with enough practice most users are able to successfully inhale slowly and steadily for 3-5 seconds to near full lung capacity before needing to exhale. Make sure your exhalation is FAST to achieve the thickest possible cloud production and maximum flavour.