Which Coil Resistance Should I Choose?

What are Ohms?

Back to school we go! Simply put Ohms are the measurement of resistance in metal. In our vape devices, it is directly proportional to how much vapour the coil will produce. If you have a coil that has what we class as a higher resistance (above 1 ohm) you will create less vapour and therefore need less power from your device. Perfect for discreet vaping. When you drop the resistance to below 1 ohm we call it Sub Ohm. You’ve probably worked it out, but these coils produce more vapour but require more power. Perfect if you’re cloud chasing!

How to Choose My Coil

With so many coils available on the vaping market, it’s important to select the correct one to achieve your desired results. Focus on what you want from you vaping experience to guide you in selecting your perfect coil. If you want a fairly discreet vaping experience, then going for a coil with a resistance over 1 ohm is going to work for you. This also means you will want to look at e-liquids that are generally a 50/50 blend or high PG. This sort of vaping is known as mouth to lung vaping (MTL) which is most similar to how you would smoke a cigarette.

If you like the idea of producing big clouds and have a device with more power, you might decide to go down the sub-ohm route. These coils have a lower resistance of less than 1.0 Ohm and will produce large amounts of vapour. These sub-ohm coils need to be used with high VG e-liquids, like those often found in short fill e-liquids. Sub-ohm vaping is more commonly associated with direct to lung vaping (DTL). This is normally something that you should progress onto rather than if you’re just starting out on your vaping journey

Higher Resistance Coils

  • These are usually recommended for beginners
  • They give a smoother throat hit
  • They require less power
  • They use less e-liquid
  • They create less vapour
  • If your coil is over 1.0 Ohm, you should use high PG e-liquids or 50/50 blends

Lower Resistance Coils

  • These are best used for sub-ohm vaping
  • They give a stronger throat hit
  • They require more power
  • They use more e-liquid
  • They create bigger vapour clouds
  • If your coil is less than 1 Ohm you can use high VG e-liquids

Coils with a resistance less than 1 Ohm are classified as sub-ohm coils and therefore it is recommended that these should only be used by experienced vapers. These coils need a lot more power and generate larger vapour clouds so it is best to use e-liquids with a high VG content. It is also recommended vapers use a maximum nicotine strength of 6mg due to the larger amounts of vapour produced.